The mountains are calling and I must go. ~ John Muir

About Us

Julie ~
Yogi, Amateur Climber, Runner, Teacher
Born ~ Suffern, NY
Current Residence ~ SF baby!!
Best Vaca Ever ~ Our (Tim and Julie's) move and 1st cross-country drive - camping in the
rain, hiking waterfalls, hitting high peaks, and
looking forward to our new life in CA!


Jim ~
Climber, Runner, Scientist
Born ~ Bridgeport, CT
Current Residence ~ San Francisco
Favorite High Peak ~ Borah, for sure!  Borah Peak (ID) has had the best scenery from bottom to top so far.  Starting in the low forest to the high alpine environment, with spectacular views that were never ending and were continually getting better.

Tim ~
Climber, Wannabe Yogi, Engineer
Born ~ Nyack, NY
Current Residence ~ San Francisco
Life's Ambition ~ The journey, the destination, the summit of all 50 high peaks.