The mountains are calling and I must go. ~ John Muir

Friday, December 17, 2010

Bear Mountain, Connecticut ~ elevation 2,316 feet

November 3, 2007
Bear Mountain via the Undermountain Trail to the Paradise Lane Trail to the Appalachian Trail, 6.7 mi loop
Class 1; Elevation Gain 1,500 ft

One, of many, in which we sectioned the AT…

After a stunning fall drive through the adorable, quaint town of Salisbury, Connecticut, we headed for the Undermountain Trail parking lot, which was as easily missed as they say.  We layered up and headed for the trail, only to find a missing person sign at the trailhead.  
White blaze marking the AT

With heavy hearts we began our ascent to the summit of the highest peak, although not the highest point, of Connecticut (Mount Frissell takes the highest point, measuring 2,380 feet, but it's summit lies in Massachusetts.)


We hiked over rocks and through a dicidious forest, stripped of it's leaves, until we came to the bitter cold and violently windy summit.  There we saw what appeared to be a collapsed structure, but we later came to learn was actually an 8 ft high flat-topped stone pyramid, built in 1885.

Tim and Julie making their way
down the mountain