The mountains are calling and I must go. ~ John Muir

Friday, January 14, 2011

My Dream Job

With our New Year's trip to Boundary Peak a bust due to weather conditions, Nevada's high peak is definitely on our radar for 2011.  However, this year’s primary objective will take us backpacking in the Western Rockies and an elevation of 13,528 feet. 

In recent years, we have hiked in a variety of terrain and taken seasonal expeditions throughout the United States ~ from sections of the Appalachian Trail to New Hampshire's White Mountains and our recent summit of Borah Peak.  During this time we have become gear savvy and expanded our abilities by learning from each other, other hikers, and a variety of publications.  We practice safe hiking measures, including noting how our bodies are affected by elevation and turning back when conditions are not conducive to a safe journey.  We are prepared with the necessary gear, including maps, navigation and digital cameras, and have learned to effectively use crampons and ices axes, as there is often a chance of a sunny, warm trailhead and a snowy, icy climb to the summit. 

Our plan for this adventure is to summit Kings Peak, Utah, via the Henrys Fork/Highline Trails, a 28.8-mile round trip hike.  We'll start with a flight from California to Utah and drive to the High Uintas Wilderness, where we will camp and acclimate to the 9,400 ft altitude.  The next morning we will backpack to Henrys Fork Basin, to camp and continue adapting to the rising elevation.  On day three, we will summit Kings Peak and return to the Basin ~ 14-miles round trip with an additional 3,000 ft gain.  The next two days will take us back to the trailhead and home.

This excursion will make an exciting addition to BACKPACKER, as the scree, boulders, and views promise to be spectacular.  The natural flora, fauna, and summits of nearby Mounts Gilbert and Powell are sure to be a sight!

Not only would this truly be my dream job, but we're going anyway ~

Why shouldn't BACKPACKER benefit from our experience?